Universal Version Smart Key PKE Passive Keyless Entry Car Alarm System engine start button Remote Engine Start  Remote Open and close Car windows

Universal Version Smart Key PKE Passive Keyless Entry Car Alarm System engine start button Remote Engine Start Remote Open and close Car windows

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This is a PKE car alarm system with PKE-Passive keyless entry, remote 
engine start, push button start stop, which can improve your car safety greatly 
once properly installed.
The PKE feature will automatically lock or unlock the door when owner walk away or 
approach the car in 1-3 meters with key fob in hand or pocket.
Remote Engine Start can pre-warm or pre-cool your car in cold winter or hot summer
push start stop button can start or stop your vehicle easier and more convenient 
and no need to insert the key into the ignition cylinder anymore.
The alarm fits for 95% DC12V petrol cars on the market, include auto gear or 
manual gear.cars&professional car alarm installer installation is highly 

Detailed product description function:
1. PCE (passive keyless entry)
a.PKE function arm:
After starting the engine, and the remote control in the range of the detector, 
get off the car and close the door. After the driver walk away from the car by 
more than 2.5 M-3 M, turning the light flash once, and the siren beeps once, the 
car alarm is received in arm mode, and the window closes automatically.
b.PKE Disarming function:
In arm mode, get close to the machine for 1 M-1.5 M, the turn signal lamp flashes 
three times, and the horn does not sound a beep, the system disarm automatically.
2. Arm / block:
Press the lock button, the siren beeps once, the turn signal light flashes once, 
the car alarm is received in the hands mode automatically, the LED flash 
indicator, the window is closed automatically and the car engine is locked.
3. Disarming / Unlocking:
Press the unlock button, the siren does not sound a beep, the direction indicator 
flashes three times, also the door is opened and the system is disarmed. 
Attention: if the driver does not open the door and enter the car, the system will 
get in hand mode automatically again.
4. remote trunk release:
Press the unlock button for 3 seconds or press the trunk button twice.
5. Remote engine start:
In the hands of the state, press the trunk button 3 times, remote start the car, 
the sirens twice, and the direction indicator flashes twice. Attention: after 
remote start of the car engine, the car must be in driving mode for 12 minutes. 
The car engine will stop and the system will arm mode, if no action is taken 
within 12 minutes.
6. Start button:
Sit in the car and close the car doors, also the remote control in the detection 
range, step on the brake pedal, and press the engine start button, the engine. In 
addition, step on the brake pedal, and press the start button to stop the engine, 
turn off the engine.

We do not provide installation service, and professional car alarm installer 
installation is required. Wiring diagram is available for reviewing upon request. 
The alarm equip with 2 key fobs, but each time only one fob works while the other 
one goes to sleep mode till you activate it(press any button on the key fob will 
activate it).
An extra bypass module(like ASIN: B00MEHBVIC) is required if there is a chip 
immobilizer in your factory OEM key fob.
If there is steering lock in your car, you need to release the steering lock first 
before installing this item.
If your car is diesel car which engine starting time over 3 seconds, you need to 
install an extra timer delay. If you are not sure which type of timer delay, 
please ask professional installer or our staff for help.

Main unit system:
Operation Voltage:  DC12V±3V
Static current:≤15mA(except indicator,sensor)
PKE emission Curent:40mA
Shock Sensor Curent:≤1mA
Coding:        Ieaning code
Starting System:
Operation Voitage:DC12V±3V
ACC Current: 30A
ON Current:  30A
Start Current:30A

Remote Control:
Operation Voltage:DC3V
Operation current:≤8mA
Static Current:8uA
Coding:Ieaning code

Package size: 24*16*7.5/9.44*6.29*2.95in
Package weight:754g/26.6oz

Package list: 
Control module x1
Key fob x2
PKE antenna x2
Wire hareness x2
Push start button x1 
LED Siren x1
Shock sensor x1 
English user manual and wire diagram x1
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